Family looks on to raging bushfires near their property

News | ATO Grants Automatic Deferrals in Bushfire Support

The ATO has granted an automatic two-month deferral for lodgements and payments to those impacted by the ongoing bushfire crisis. Identified impacted postcodes across New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia will be granted an automatic two-month deferral for activity statement lodgements and payments due. Taxpayers or their agents do not need to apply…
Middle Aged Couple looking at legal paper and laptop regarding their trust fund

Blog | Who Owns the Assets of a Trust?

It’s not uncommon for people to put assets such as their family home into a trust, particularly professionals working in litigious fields or family groups wanting to protect assets. A recent case highlights some of the tax problems that can occur. The taxpayer in this case had become the owner of their main residence as…
100 dollar notes on washing line

Laundry Expenses Hung Out To Dry

  The ATO is airing the ‘dirty laundry’ on work-related clothing and laundry expenses warning that it is closely reviewing claims. “Last year around 6 million people claimed work-related clothing and laundry expenses, with total claims adding up to nearly $1.8 billion. While many of these claims will be legitimate, we don’t think that half...