Main residence exemption myths and misconceptions

Main Residence Exemption Myths and Misconceptions

The surge in the residential property market continues to attract buyers and sellers, many involving the family home. This article considers the common myths and misconceptions when it comes to being eligible for the main residence exemption. When it comes to taxation, the family home is sacred. It is often the largest asset a taxpayer…
Tax time 2020: ATO homes in on rental deduction claims

Tax Time 2020 | ATO Homes in on Rental Deduction Claims

Rental deduction hotspots for this tax time have now been identified by the ATO as it anticipates a change in claims because of COVID-19 and recent natural disasters. Rental deduction claims continue to be a focus point for the ATO leading into tax time 2020, with the agency doubling its in-depth audits last year on the back…

Rental properties – claiming travel expenses deductions

From 1 July 2017, travel expenses relating to a residential investment property are not deductible. A residential premise (property) is land or a building that is: occupied as a residence or for residential accommodation intended to be occupied, and is capable of being occupied, as a residence or for residential accommodation. Under the new legislation, you…
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