A Commercial Accounting

What To Know About Commercial Accounting

Understanding commercial accounting is important for anyone running a business. It might offer you insights into financial decision-making and strategy. This blog introduces the key aspects of commercial accounting, aiming to provide a clear overview for business owners and those interested in the financial workings of a company. What Is Commercial Accounting and Why Does…
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Close-up Of A Tax Accountant

How To Find A Good Tax Accountant

Choosing a competent tax accountant is a pivotal decision for individuals and businesses alike. A tax professional can offer valuable insights, maximise deductions and ensure compliance with ever-evolving tax laws. This blog delves into key considerations to help you find a tax accountant who aligns with your financial needs and goals. When choosing the right…
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HomeBuidler: What is it and How do you access it?

Contractor or employee?

Just because an agreement states that a worker is an independent contractor, this does not mean that they are a contractor for tax and superannuation purposes, new guidance from the ATO warns. Where there is a written contract, the rights and obligations of the contract need to support that an independent contracting relationship exists. The…
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Stay Up-to-Date on Accounting Regulations

How to Stay Up-to-Date on Accounting Regulations

In the dynamic world of finance and business, staying updated on accounting regulations is integral for financial success. With constantly shifting rules and guidelines, businesses should stay updated on accounting regulations to avoid hefty fines and maintain a positive reputation. This blog explains the importance of staying informed and how accountants play an important role…
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