Property subdivided

Thinking of subdividing?

The tax implications and pitfalls of small-scale subdivisions You’ve got a block of land that’s perfect for a subdivision. The details have all been worked out with Council, the builders, and the bank. But, one important aspect has been left out; the tax implications. Many small-scale developers often assume that their tax exposure is minimal…
Succession Planning

Succession: What does it take to and your business to the next generation?

What is the end game for your business? Succession is not just a topic for a TV series or billionaire families, it’s about successfully transitioning your business and maximising its capital value for you, the owners. When it comes to generational succession of a family business, there are a few important aspects: Succession of the…
Woman Computing Her Finances Using Calculator

How To Raise Financially Responsible Children

Times are tough and financial responsibility is stressful for people at the moment. Did you know that your kids can pick up on this emotion and feel disempowered? By discussing and teaching financial acumen in their formative years, you can help to improve their self-esteem and social awareness. It’s in these years that attitudes towards…
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