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Please download and complete the below forms for your individual taxation situation in the financial year ending 30th June 2023.

Individual Tax Return Information Form

Download our “TGG ITR Questionnaire 2023.pdf” form by clicking here

Not sure what is tax deductible?

Download our “Individual ITR Is it Tax Deductible Flyer.pdf” flyer by clicking here.

Not sure what you can Claim Working from Home?

Download our “What Home Office Expenses are Allowed” form by clicking here. We also have a handy template, which you can download here.

Do you own Investment Properties?

Download our “Individual ITR Property Investors Deduction Guide.pdf” form by clicking here.

Finding the right information quickly and easily when starting your business can help it become a success. This checklist covers many of the basic issues you need to know when starting a business. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I can do my tax online now - why do I need you?

There’s no doubt the ATO’s data matching capabilities have improved over the past few years and the ATO has tried very hard to streamline the tax lodgement process for individual tax payers. However there are numerous valuable reasons why you should have your tax return completed by a registered tax agent:

  1. You might be missing out! There are certain tax deductions that you may not know about, and you are therefore missing out on part of your refund! This is relevant not only for self employed people but also employees of other businesses.
  2. Laws relating to what you can and can’t claim if you hold investments such as rental properties is constantly changing. Negotiating these changing laws on your own is a bit like building your own BBQ in the backyard without reading and understanding the instructions. Yes you might get a ‘version’ of the finished article but it’s unlikely to give you the best possible outcome and in some cases could end in a complete disaster!
  3. Getting your tax return completed by a good tax agent provides you with a great opportunity to ask questions. These could be about the tax return being completed, or about something you might be considering in the future. For example, perhaps you’re thinking about salary packaging or purchasing a car, perhaps you’re thinking about purchasing an investment property and want to know how that might impact your tax position. Perhaps you’re thinking about working for yourself or you’re interested in purchasing a business and need some general advice to help with your decision making and so on.
  4. The fee for preparation of your tax return(s) is 100% tax deductible in the financial year it’s paid!
What do I need to bring to my consultation?

Our FY2023 questionnaire will help you bring all the necessary information to your consultation.

Make sure you know your Tax File Number, have access to your PAYG summary (from your employer/s), information about bank interest and the full list of expenses.

Which expenses are tax deductible?

This is a complex question, and can be a trap – don’t get caught claiming the wrong things!

As an example, some meals are claimable and some are not allowable tax deductions. If you are travelling for work and staying overnight, then meals are tax deductible. If you are travelling for work but NOT staying overnight, then meals are not tax deductible.

We will provide comprehensive advice on tax deductible expenses as part of your tax consultation.

I use my car for work a lot. Can I claim a tax deduction on my vehicle?

Broadly speaking, if you use your car for work-related purposes, during work time, then you can claim a tax deduction. There are a few ways you can figure out how much to claim, and we will help you decide which way is best.

Keeping a log book is the best thing to do, where you record all of your work-related trips. This should be for a minimum of 12 weeks. You should also keep your receipts for any vehicle-related expenditure for the full financial year.

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