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If you want your business to work smarter and faster, cloud accounting software is a wise investment. Working in the cloud will give you better insight into and overview of your finances, and improve collaboration with your team.

Xero is beautiful accounting software that runs in the cloud — so you will always have instant access to real-time financial data: any time, anywhere, on any device.

You can also run your business on the go, using the Xero Touch app on your mobile. Check the balances of all your bank accounts and credit cards on one place and send invoices on the spot. While your out and about, you often spend money you need to expense to the business. With Xero Touch, you simply snap a picture of the receipt — it’s instantly uploaded, ready to submit on your next expense claim.

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We’ve helped hundreds of Newcastle business make the jump to Xero – not because we like it, but because we know YOU will love it! No matter what industry you are in – personal services, hospitality, construction and trades and more – Xero can make your day-to-day business life so much better.

With a live view of your finances, it’s never been easier to stay on top of cashflow — freeing you up to do your best work.

We’re passionate about helping you work smarter and faster, with the right tools for your trade.

Why Choose Xero?

Xero Services - Access Anywhere - TRANS

Access Anywhere

Whether you’re on a job site, in the office, at home or on the beach – with Xero you can create quotes, process invoices, or pay bills wherever you are and with whatever you’re using – laptop, iPhone, Android, tablet.

Xero Services - Get Paid Faster - TRANS

Get Paid Faster

Login and send the invoice as soon as the job is done, or the quote is accepted. You’ll get notified when the customer opens the invoice and they can pay online straight away. No more “I’ll get to it later” and lots more “pay me now”.

Xero Services - Easy Advice - TRANS

Easy Advice

Not sure about a transaction? Bookkeeper is sick? With Xero, we can take a look at your books even when not in the same room. No need to schedule an appointment in your busy week – we can look remotely and give you the right advice when you need it.

Xero Services - Get Live Data - TRANS

Get Live Data

If you want to know exactly how much is in the bank, how many products and services you’ve sold, or how much money you are owed, you can now do this at the click of a button. Simple dashboards give you a birds’ eye view, or as much detail as you need. Take back control of your business situation and know where you stand at all times.

Xero Services - Simple Payroll - TRANS

Simple Payroll

Gone are the days of working out super, figuring out PAYG tax and manual calculations. Xero is an all-in-one package, meaning payroll, super and tax is a breeze.

Xero Services - Secure Data - TRANS

Secure Data

Xero uses industry-standard security, meaning that you can rest easy knowing your data is safe. Direct feeds from banks, software applications and financial institutions means that no human hands need to touch your data.

No matter what industry you are in, Xero can make your day-to-day business life so much better!

Running a hospitality business is demanding. Whether you run a restaurant, café or food truck, let Xero take some of the admin off your plate and streamline your business.

• Customised recurring online invoices for regular suppliers.
• Sync Xero with point of sale, inventory, CRM and more.
• Easily track inventory and stock.
• Pay staff correctly with simple online payroll software.

It’s hard work running a construction business. Xero does the heavy lifting, so you can work faster and smarter.

• Sync with inventory management, time tracking and more.
• Invoice clients and pay subbies faster with online invoicing.
• Check on cashflow at any time with the online dashboard.
• Store all documents in one central, secure and easy-to-access place.

Running a home care or services business is busy and demanding. Free up time and focus more on your clients.

• Keep track of stock on a daily basis.
• Track working hours and manage payroll automatically.
• Manage expenses at work, home or on the go.
• Sync Xero with appointment scheduling, practice management and more.

Running a professional firm is demanding. Let Xero do the heavy lifting and spend more time helping clients.

• Manage cases, clients and appointments and save time reconciling.
• Create beautiful customised recurring online invoices.
• Manage expenses at work, home or on the go.
• Stay up to date with your cashflow from anywhere.

How can we help you get the most out of Xero?

Or call us on:   02 4969 4699

Or call us on:

02 4969 4699

Jordon Greenwood | Bookkeeping / Client Services Co-Ordinator

Jordi joined The Garis Group team back in December 2014 as receptionist.

After two years with The Garis Group she decided to move back to her old hometown of Townsville to be closer to family. Joining another accounting firm she took a keenness to bookkeeping and is completing a Certificate 4 in Accounting/Bookkeeping.

In October 2019, Jordi decided to move back to Newcastle and came home to The Garis Group team as Bookkeeping / Client Services Co-Ordinator.

I love that The Garis Group has a relationship with each client. Happy clients walking out with a smile or laughing is what motivates me. It inspires me to continue to provide excellent customer service and ongoing support. Our constant communication and encouragement to each client is something I am proud to be a part of.”

Jordi has a miniature dachshund named Scout with her partner Ben and on weekends loves catching up with friends.

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