New Financial Year 2020/2021

Happy New Financial Year 2020/2021

To all our valued clients,   Happy New Financial Year!   Naturally as I’m sure you’re all aware the past few months have been incredibly challenging for the community in general. COVID19 has created and continues to create enormous health & economic disruption for individuals and families alike. We recognise that many of our clients…
Tax time 2020: ATO homes in on rental deduction claims

Tax Time 2020 | ATO Homes in on Rental Deduction Claims

Rental deduction hotspots for this tax time have now been identified by the ATO as it anticipates a change in claims because of COVID-19 and recent natural disasters. Rental deduction claims continue to be a focus point for the ATO leading into tax time 2020, with the agency doubling its in-depth audits last year on the back…