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New JobKeeper 2.0 Rule Removes ‘Smorgasbord’ of Attribution Options

The new rules regarding the basis of accounting that an entity is required to use in calculating actual GST turnover for JobKeeper 2.0 could now throw up fresh issues for businesses. The Tax Commissioner’s determination issued on Wednesday has now set out that supplies must be allocated to a period on a GST reporting basis,…
The Second $66.1 bn Stimulus Package: What You Need To Know

The Second $66.1 bn Stimulus Package: What You Need To Know

The Government yesterday released a second, far reaching $66.1 bn stimulus package that boosts income support payments, introduces targeted changes to the superannuation rules, provides cash flow support of up to $100,000 for small business employers, and relaxes corporate insolvency laws. The stimulus measures are not yet legislated. Parliament will reconvene on Monday 23 March.…
The Stimulus Package - What You Need To Know

The Stimulus Package: What You Need To Know

Following the Prime Minister’s media announcement late last week we have compiled a summary of the government’s COVID-19 economic stimulus support plans for both individuals and small businesses. We will provide additional client alerts and announcements on various matters as and when required, however for now if you or your business requires support, please reach…