New Financial Year 2020/2021

Happy New Financial Year 2020/2021


To all our valued clients,


Happy New Financial Year!


Naturally as I’m sure you’re all aware the past few months have been incredibly challenging for the community in general.

COVID19 has created and continues to create enormous health & economic disruption for individuals and families alike.

We recognise that many of our clients will be looking to have their tax returns completed quite early in the new financial year and we want to ensure all of you that our office is fully prepared to service each of you when needed.


A few preparations have been implemented by our office for the 2020/21 financial year, of note:

  • We have registered our office as a COVID safe location with NSW Health
  • We have a ‘COVID health station’ downstairs with hand sanitiser and other helpful health & safety instructions for your visit to our office
  • For those people who would prefer to send their information across electronically you are more than welcome to email this information across for your return to be prepared
  • A reminder that bookings can be made via our website and that after hours appointment times are available
  • For those who would prefer to have their tax returns processed remotely but would still like face-to-face interaction, please contact our office and we can book a ‘zoom’ appointment for you.
  • Tax Return days for John & Jim remain the same as last financial year. John will be available on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays and Jim will be available on Mondays and Wednesdays.


Some other helpful notes for you:

  • The ATO has recommended individuals wait until Monday 20th July onwards to book your tax return appointments as the tax office needs time to receive PAYG income details from employers, private health fund information from private health providers, investment income information from various sources and so on.
  • Last year we noticed an increasing number of misleading ‘click bait’ media headlines from sources such as the Daily Mail claiming that individuals would be ‘missing out’ on various government stimulus opportunities if they didn’t lodge by a certain date. Last financial year this was in relation to the low/middle income tax offset changes. We are expecting similar articles over the next couple of weeks and want to make it clear you won’t ‘miss out’ on anything. If you have any concerns about timing, please contact our office and our team will provide you with accurate information.


We look forward to welcoming new and returning faces very soon!


Kind Regards,


John Garis

Managing Director

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