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Tip Tuesday: 5 Essential Pieces Of Tech To Create A Workplace Of The Future

With amazing new technology not only improving the ways we do business and tackling challenges when they arise, technology has become a revolutionary vital tool and resource to businesses.

Now that we are living in the decade of micro-computers, smart phones and ever advancing technology, choosing and using the right tech products can have a huge impact on workplace productivity and efficiency. Using the wrong tech products can enhance and worsen the dangers of tech in workplaces such as the compromise between efficiency versus quality of the work.

Here are some current and near-future tech products that will boost your business operations and productivity:

Interactive Monitors and Panels

How we choose to receive and interact with information has changed.  Now, if information is not interactive, it’s often not effective. Interactive screens and panels are not only transforming the way we receive information, they are enhancing how we interact and engage with colleagues, customers and students.From touch screen desktop and laptop monitors, to in-store displays, and large interactive presentation panels – an interactive screen can help make day-to-day business easier, and information memorable.

3D Printers

3D printing is taking the world by storm, and as the technology develops, many printers are now priced at a point that makes them accessible to more Australian businesses. From making architectural models, to initial product designs and prototypes or creating replacement product parts, the 3D printer is establishing itself as an office staple.Similar to traditional printers that use ink or toner, a 3D printer needs replacement resin or filament.  So, when you are calculating the cost of a 3D printer for your business, be sure to account for these also.

Secure USBs

Small, convenient, fast and able to store large amounts of data. USB drives are a necessary business tool. However, the convenience of a USB brings with it a range of security threats.For convenience and peace of mind, a secure or encrypted USB is a must.Once the domain of government agencies, the military, health care and high finance, secure USBs are now a basic business essential.  Look for a secure USB that is password protected and disables after a certain number of failed log-in attempts.  Also make sure your secure USB is physically strong, making it resilient, tamper proof and resistant to brute force attacks.


When it comes to connectivity, USB is a tech staple.  An emerging standard for charging and transferring data is USB C, with more and more new products being created with this type of connection.USB C has a number of benefits. It is fast, thin enough to fit into the slimmest mobile device, but powerful enough to connect your laptop to an array of devices.  Plus, it is reversible so you no longer have to fumble with the connection, trying to find which way it goes in.

Ergonomic Peripherals

Ergonomics is the design of products and /or processes that takes into account how people will actually see and interact with them. Ergonomically-designed office equipment contours to, and helps maintain the best possible alignment of your body. It’s not only ergonomically-designed chairs that can offer benefits. Keyboards and mouses are now getting the ergonomic revamp.As a business, it is important to keep up to date with the latest tech gadgets. Choosing the right tech products can help improve your business productivity and bottom line, as well as ensuring you stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Article Source: DynamicBusiness

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