Property Philosophy


TFS is unique. You will only get honesty in the advice we give to you. Everything we do is underpinned by improving people’s lives and improving the lives of all in our coimmnity ( See B1G1).

Since I believe most people are unaware of the great service we can offer them, I have developed a new TFS landing page and commentary about our servcies. If you haven’t visited yet, go to

Additional information can still be found on our Garis Group website, but I wanted to throw the spotlight on our Property Advice Services.

Guests at our most recent workshop noted that they wished they had known all this a while ago, and that the information we freely shared was “straight forward and very supportive”.

What impressed guests was our knowledge, qualifications, and how reasssuring it was to find this service, at last, to help them.

Why not come along on July 20 to find out more that will help you?

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