The Garis Group Team

COVID-19 | We Are Back


First and foremost, The Garis Group would like to thank everyone for being so understanding and co-operative during the past few months as we adapted to our new working conditions.

No cases of COVID-19 have been detected at The Garis Group office but we are taking further precautions to respond to this unprecedented and evolving situation.

These following measures will continue to operate until further notice.

The Garis Group office is open and operating for clients wishing to drop-off or pick-up documentation. We ask that you phone or email ahead of time in order to have these items ready for your collection.

Upon arriving to our office, there we will be a station set up with hand sanitiser. We politely ask that you use this before making your way upstairs.

In saying this, if you are feeling unwell or are showing any flu like symptoms, we ask that you wait until another time to come to our office.

All social-distancing measures will take place within The Garis Group office at all times and regular cleaning of surfaces will be undertaken.

The Garis Group will continue to hold all meetings via Zoom, a cloud-based video conferencing service, or over the phone and all avenues of communication will remain active.

The well-being of our team, our clients and the community is our primary concern.

The Garis Group remains committed to supporting our clients across the community in this challenging environment. We have many resources in regards to COVID-19 on our website via the below link;

The Garis Group will continue to closely monitor the situation and issue regular updates to our clients and the community.

Thank you,

John Garis | Managing Director

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