When is the Best Time of Year to Start Building?


For people building their dream home, one of the biggest questions is about timing. When is it best to start work? A recent article from Realestate.com has the answers your looking for. 

The average Australian house can take anywhere from four to 12 months to build, depending on the builder, construction method, complexity of the design and numerous site factors, so knowing when to start building is vital.

Jarrod Sanfilippo, the managing director of volume builder Burbank Homes, which builds more than 2000 homes nationwide each year, says the weather is central to picking the right time.

“Naturally, when building a home it’s ideal to avoid temperamental weather that will delay the build process,” Sanfilippo says.

“Rains, high winds and extreme heat all slow down build times, as works are often halted during these periods,” he says.

In Victoria, where Burbank builds the bulk of its homes, Sanfilippo says there are two ideal times to start work: March and August.

“Towards the start of the year, around March, is a good time to avoid bad weather at the beginning of the build and to have it complete and ready to be lived in before Christmas,” he says.

“Another ideal time to attempt to avoid harsh weather conditions would be August, assuming you aren’t rushed to be in your home by Christmas, as you’ll miss the bulk of that unpredictable weather. Certainly in Melbourne it can be hard to avoid, though!” Sanfilippo says.

Other factors which impact the decision about timing include economics, such as the value of land and its expense, as well as interest rates and the delays and impact of public holidays and the festive season, he adds.

In short, you should avoid the chilly winter months and the Christmas festive season if possible. “If you avoid winter, it makes sense there will be fewer days missed on site,” Sanfilippo says.

“Similarly, if you go to site just before Christmas, there will be significant delays, as the industry virtually shuts down at the year’s close for a couple of weeks. As such, we wouldn’t recommend commencing a job too close to the end of the year,” he says.

Between December and February, people aren’t typically looking to begin a build anyway, “as it’s such a busy time of the year for other reasons”, he says.

If the build will run through winter, don’t panic. “Jobs certainly face delays in winter, however these are recurring each year in the colder months and are anticipated,” Sanfilippo says.

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