ATO Cash Flow Boost Measure for Small to Medium sized Businesses

Tax Office Quizzed on Cash-Flow Boost Backlog

The ATO has denied any systemic issues around the processing of the cash-flow boost measure, noting that it only continues to interrogate claims in a “very small number of cases”. It is now understood that a recalibration of the ATO’s dataset over the past weekend should ensure the cash-flow boost payments are processed more smoothly,…
Couple searching online for an Accounant

How to choose an Accountant

Choosing an accountant can be one of the most important decisions in your life. If you are thinking about starting a business; or 3 years behind on your personal income tax returns; or planning to build your wealth for retirement – choosing the right accountant can have a huge impact on your success! Deciding on…

Tip Tuesday: Accounting for Start-Ups

If you’re in a startup, it can be an exciting world of creativity and innovation. But while it’s great to do something you love, you also need to make a living. So how can you live the dream and ensure your cashflow is well managed? In this article, a representative from third-party Pinterest marketing solution Shareroot talks…
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