Business for Good: Our September Contribution


Hello Everyone!

As you may or may not know, The Garis Group are proud partners of B1G1-Business for Good.

B1G1 is a Social Enterprise and non-profit organisation with a mission to create a world that’s full of giving. Unlike conventional giving models, B1G1 helps small and medium sized businesses achieve more social impact by embedding giving activities in their everyday business operations to create unique Giving Stories. Every business transaction (and as a result, your everyday activity) can impact lives.

We believe that small businesses and small everyday transactions can change our world when we come together through the sense of giving and caring. Belonging to B1G1 puts the ‘WHY’ back into businesses and brings back a sense of greater meaning and purpose. B1G1 let’s you create that joy and share it…habitually.

Each month The Garis Group team choose a different project to support.

For the month of September, The Garis Group team chose to raise funds to provide access to clean water in the Villages of Malawi.

Project Description:


Provide access to clean water for life by sponsoring a simple well and water pump. In the villages of Malawi, high infant and child mortality are caused by water and sanitation related diseases. These problems are made even worse by a lack of knowledge about proper hygiene. Your contribution of a well and water pump is all that is needed to let people live the fullest of lives.

We were proudly able to raise enough funds to provide 7,300 days of access to life-saving clean water to the villages of Malawi!

Our Impact So Far…



Our contribution for October:


For the month of October, we have chosen to raise funds to give children in Turkana, Kenya, Blindness Prevention!


Project Description:


Preventing child blindness by distributing a daily dose of vitamin A supplements to children in Turkana, Kenya. In the early stages of development, it is important that a child receives the correct nutrition. Access to a proper diet is extremely limited in Turkana as people are nomadic pastoralist. Help children living in poverty become more confident and courageous by providing him or her a new chance at life through improved nutrition. Give a precious gift of sight to a child in need.

We will let you all know how many lives we were able to impact through this project in our October Contribution post.


Be a part of something bigger:


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