Hospitality Business in 2016 Part Three – Profit

  Part Three: Profit In the third part of Silver Chef’s 2016 trend report, the focus is on the most important element of any business, PROFIT! Hospitality businesses can often operate on thin profit margins. They are faced with a number of challenges. Fast moving trends and innovation all impact on profit, so for hospitality…
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  One thing that Australians hate more than anything is new taxes that have been introduced by stealth. This may sound a lot more dramatic than it actually is, however a new property tax that will come into force on the 1st July 2016 will create some turmoil for property owners. In the middle of…
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ATO to Report Tax Debts to Credit Reporting Agencies

  The federal government has been, for some time, concerned about the escalating debt from taxpayers who would like to use the ATO as a bank. Businesses are either delaying or not paying their obligations such as GST, PAYG or income tax. The government announced in it’s Mid Year Economic & Fiscal Outlook report last…
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